African Oral Narratives
Military Intelligence in Apartheid-era South Africa

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This is a collection of individual oral histories from residents in three poor communities -- Maandagshoek, Rammolutsi, and Sebokeng -- in South Africa, conducted by Dr Dale McKinley and Ahmed Veriava in 2007 and 2008 on behalf of the South African History Archive (SAHA).

This research project is an attempt to capture 'histories from below' of the South African transition, and represent a meaningful cross-section of rural, urban and peri-urban realities in South Africa's post-1994 political, social and economic history, as lived and experienced by the oppressed and the marginalized majority.

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Traditional Leadership
Although Maandagshoek is formally governed by a district municipality, it is informally governed by traditional chieftainship authorities who consider the community's land to be held in collective 'trust.' Explore photographs and interviews on this topic.
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Nomvula September
This is a still image of Nomvula September, a widowed pensioner from Sebokeng, during an oral history interview conducted by Dale McKinley and Ahmed Veriava in 2007 for SAHA's Alternative History Project, entitled 'Forgotten Voices in the Present'. The still image was derived from the DVD 'A Dream Deferred' which was produced in 2008 as part of this project.
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Samuel Mahoko, farm laborer of Rammolutsi
This first of two interviews with Samuel Mahoko was conducted by Dale McKinley and Ahmed Veriava in Rammolutsi in 2007.
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