Mouhammadou Thierno Deme
Rukaya Usman
Serigne Mouhamadou Masokhna Lo
Christopher Toise
Lulu Johnson
Person Name
Adama Muhammed


Military Intelligence in Apartheid-Era South Africa

20 audio interviews, transcripts, and translations of individuals involved in military intelligence operations in South Africa during the apartheid era. Collection includes related photographs by South African news photographer Doug Lee.

'Forgotten' Voices in the Present: alternative, post-1994 oral histories from three poor communities in South Africa

18 photographs and 55 oral interviews with residents in three poor communities in South Africa, exploring experiences of the South African transition, and the realities of life for the oppressed and marginalized majority in post-1994 South Africa.

Farmers' Voices in Ethiopian Agriculture

7 oral interviews primarily in Amharic and over 60 photographs explore the landscape, agriculture, and the livelihood practices of small-scale farmers in Ethiopia's Lake Region during the contemporary period.

Life Stories of Women Traders and Former Traders From Kumasi Central Market

50 interviews in Twi focused on women traders in from Kumasi Central Market in Ghana.

The Kropp Dakubu Collection of Farefari Discourse

Interviews in the Farefari language of northern Ghana, with English translations, on chieftaincy, migration and dispute resolution. There are also several samples of oral art in the language.