African Oral Narratives
Military Intelligence in Apartheid-era South Africa


  • Oral accounts on the development of agriculture in the north-central part of the Lake region
  • Types of crops and field technology
  • History of livestock production before and after the onset of crop production
  • Farming in the revolutionary years
  • Interview conducted in Tullure, Lume, East of Modjo town, Lake region, Ethiopia

  • Farmers’ testimonies on the history of agriculture and environmental change
  • The state of the area’s agriculture in the contemporary period (after 1991)
  • Cropping patterns and the reasons behind them
  • Interview conducted in Ejersa Gerro, Lume, Lake region, Ethiopia

History of livelihood practices History of agriculture History of trade and political relationship with outside communities Marriage Interview conducted at Aje, west of Shashamane town, Lake region, Ethiopia

  • Remarks on the link between soil types and plant growth.
  • Local cuisine.
  • Distribution of major and minor crops.
  • Land shortage and landlessness.
  • Interview took place in Ude, just to the south of Debre Zeit town, Lake region, Ethiopia

Scenery and farmers' fields

Date: July 29, 2010

A photographic view of Aje's crop fields and landscape

  • History of the area’s agriculture since the late nineteenth century.
  • Farmers’ perceptions about climate change.
  • History of fertilizer use.
  • Remarks on local and state administration in the contemporary period.
  • Land tenure issues in the post-1975.
  • Interview conducted in Ali Wayoo, just north of Arsi Nagelle town, Lake region, Ethiopia

Mahmoud Mohammed Interview

Date: July 31, 2010

  • His own experience as a “model farmer.”
  • Remarks on the challenges he and most farmers now face in agriculture.
  • Comments on water resources and hiking fertilizer prices.
  • Malaria prevention.
  • Interview conduced in Ali Wayao, just to the north of Arsi Nagelle town, Lake region, Ethiopia

  • Remarks on the arrival of new cultivars in the last five years
  • Fish farm
  • Interview conducted in Aje, west of Shashamane town, Lake region, Ethiopia.

Scenery of the Lake Region

Date: August 10, 2010

A photographic view of the central part of the Lake region, near Lake Langano

Nini Abino Interview

Date: August 15, 2010

  • History of local society
  • History of land tenure
  • History of local administration

  • Individual life narratives
  • Factors affecting agricultural production
  • Farming in the post-Derg era
  • Impact of modern inputs on farm production
  • Interview conducted in Koshe, Maraqo, southeast of Buta Jira town, Lake region, Ethiopia

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