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Pauline H. Baker Collection

South Africa Forum 1986-1994

A unique record of 90 original presentations by prominent South Africans and influential international leaders, from the time the apartheid government imposed a state of emergency through the critical transition leading to the first democratic election based on majority rule. Learn More

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Next Steps for South Africa: What Lies Ahead?

Mbeki, Thabo

The lecture was given by Thabo Mbeki the Director of the Department of International Affairs for the African National Congress (ANC). Formal presentation cuts off at 30 minute mark. The original tape was not turned over to continue recording. The majority of the Q&A is attached after the formal presentation.

October 2, 1989


The Labor Movement in the Future of South Africa

Golding, Marcel | Ramaphosa, Cyril

The lecture was given by Cyril Ramaphosa the General Secretary and Marcel Golding the Assistant General Secretary for the National Union of Mineworkers. There is silence between 00:45:30 and 00:45:41. The lecture continues after this gap.

September 27, 1990


US Policy Toward a New Southern Africa

Moose, George

The lecture was given by George Moose the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs.

June 15, 1993


Transitional Issues Leading Up to the Election

Mbeki, Thabo

The lecture was given by Thabo Mbeki the Head of the African National Congress (ANC) Department of International Affairs.

June 16, 1993


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