African Oral Narratives
Military Intelligence in Apartheid-era South Africa



  • Oral accounts on the development of agriculture in the north-central part of the Lake region
  • Types of crops and field technology
  • History of livestock production before and after the onset of crop production
  • Farming in the revolutionary years
  • Interview conducted in Tullure, Lume, East of Modjo town, Lake region, Ethiopia

  • Farmers’ testimonies on the history of agriculture and environmental change
  • The state of the area’s agriculture in the contemporary period (after 1991)
  • Cropping patterns and the reasons behind them
  • Interview conducted in Ejersa Gerro, Lume, Lake region, Ethiopia

  • Remarks on the link between soil types and plant growth.
  • Local cuisine.
  • Distribution of major and minor crops.
  • Land shortage and landlessness.
  • Interview took place in Ude, just to the south of Debre Zeit town, Lake region, Ethiopia

  • History of the area’s agriculture since the late nineteenth century.
  • Farmers’ perceptions about climate change.
  • History of fertilizer use.
  • Remarks on local and state administration in the contemporary period.
  • Land tenure issues in the post-1975.
  • Interview conducted in Ali Wayoo, just north of Arsi Nagelle town, Lake region, Ethiopia

Mahmoud Mohammed Interview

Date: July 31, 2010

  • His own experience as a “model farmer.”
  • Remarks on the challenges he and most farmers now face in agriculture.
  • Comments on water resources and hiking fertilizer prices.
  • Malaria prevention.
  • Interview conduced in Ali Wayao, just to the north of Arsi Nagelle town, Lake region, Ethiopia

  • Remarks on the arrival of new cultivars in the last five years
  • Fish farm
  • Interview conducted in Aje, west of Shashamane town, Lake region, Ethiopia.

Scenery of the Lake Region

Date: August 10, 2010

A photographic view of the central part of the Lake region, near Lake Langano

Nini Abino Interview

Date: August 15, 2010

  • History of local society
  • History of land tenure
  • History of local administration

  • Individual life narratives
  • Factors affecting agricultural production
  • Farming in the post-Derg era
  • Impact of modern inputs on farm production
  • Interview conducted in Koshe, Maraqo, southeast of Buta Jira town, Lake region, Ethiopia

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