Qadiri Community of Buh Kunta

By Maria Grosz-Ngate and Toba Diagne Haїdara

Interview with Shaykh Bekkai Faal (Cheikh Becaye Fall)

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Courtesy of Maria Grosz-Ngate

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Shaykh Bekkai Faal (Cheikh Bécaye Fall)
Shaykh Bekkai Faal (Cheikh Bécaye Fall)
(January 5, 2007)
Courtesy of Maria Grosz-Ngate

Creator: Fall, Cheikh Becaye
Haidara, Toba Diagne
Biography: Shaykh Bekkai Faal grew up in Ndiassane and makes his living as a cultivator. Fluent in Wolof and in Bamanankan, he is close to the Kunta family and plays an important role as the intermediary with followers in Mali. Since the interview first took place, the Kunta family honored him for his service by supporting his trip to Mecca.
Description: In this interview, Shaykh Bekkai Faal recounts how his father left his natal village of Dougabougou in the Segou region of Mali to settle in Ndiassane and become a follower of Buh Kunta. The father's family name was Coulibaly in Mali, which corresponds to the Wolof family name Faal in Senegal. Shaykh Faal explains that some therefore refer to him as Faal, others as Coulibaly.  He also expands on life in Ndiassane; his family's relationship with the Kunta family; his mother's background; other Mande members of the community; and his own visit to, and involvement in, his father's village of origin.
Interview in the Bamana language; translation in French.
Date: January 5, 2007
Date Range: 2000-2009
Location: Ndiassane, Thies, Senegal
Format: Audio/mp3
Language: Bamana
Rights Management: For educational use only.
Contributing Institution: Toba Diagne Haidara; Maria Grosz-Ngate; Matrix: The Center for Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences Online at Michigan State University
Contributor: Mamadou Samake, translator
Boubacar Diakite, translator
Digitizer: Maria Grosz-Ngate; MATRIX