Discourses of Muslim Scholars in Colonial Ghana

by John Hanson and Muhammad al-Munir Gibrill

Didactic Poem

A didactic poem is a poem that contains a moral or message. al-hajj Umar Abi Bakri used didactic poems to instruct individuals how to be good Muslims and good members of their community.

Peaceful Coexistence (didactic poem)

Date: 1932

This didactical poem was composed by al-ḥājj 'Umar Krachi (al-ḥājj 'Umar ibn Abī Bakr) to counsel for peaceful coexistence among Muslims in West Africa. It was written to Abī Bakr, whom John Hunwick argues was al-ḥājj 'Umar's son (Arabic Literature of Africa, Volume 4: Writings of Western Sudanic Africa, compiled by John O. Hunwick with the assistance of Ou  Show More