Contemporary Dynamics of the Bou Kounta Qadiri Community

By Maria Grosz-Ngaté

20150619_PapaAbdourahmane Kounta

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Creator: Kounta, Papa Abdourahmane
Daouda Faye
Description: Papa Abdou Rahmane Kounta traces his descent to Ndankh and to Ndiassane: his father was the son of one of Bou Kounta’s elder brothers in Ndankh and his mother was the daughter of Cheikh Al Bécaye, the first khalif of Ndiassane. He was born in Ndankh and received his religious education in Ndankh and in Mauritania. Mr. Kounta explains that he studied agriculture in Algeria and in Irak and gained competence in Arabic, French, and English in the process. He then discusses the development of Ndiassane, relations with the other Sufi Paths of Senegal, and the role of the state. He concludes with his thoughts on religious and secular education and his own involvement in furthering it.
Interview conducted in Wolof by Daouda Faye. Translated into French by Gana Ndiaye.

Date: June 19, 2015
Date Range: 2010-2019
Location: Ndiassane, Thies, Senegal
Format: Audio/mp3
Language: Wolof
Rights Management: For educational use only.
Contributing Institution: Maria Grosz-Ngate; MATRIX: Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences at Michigan State University
Contributor: Gana Ndiaye
Digitizer: Maria Grosz-Ngaté