Transformations in Islamic Education in Ghana

by David Owusu-Ansah

Interview with Al-Hajj Rashid Gbadamosi

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Courtesy of David Owusu-Ansah
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Gbadamosi, Al-Hajj Rashid.
Biography: Rashid Gbadamosi is identified as one of the significant individuals whose work made possible to use the traditional Quranic schools as avenue for the introduction of secular education to Muslim children in Ghana. The system was formally nationalized as the Islamic Education Unit and had since attracted thousands of children. Following his retirement from the Ghana Education Service as former Northern Region Director of Education, he took a job with the Iranian Ahl Bait Islamic University College as the institute’s first Registrar. His knowledge in the use of education for national tolerance is highly recognized.
Description: The central purpose was our discussion of the genesis of the Islamic Education Unit of Ghana and the history of Muslim reactions to secular education. Also discussed in this interview is the increasing role of Iran in the provision of higher education in Ghana through its Islamic University College. As Registrar, the interview explored the institution's course offerings and how the public had reacted to them.
Date: July 14, 2005
Date Range: 2000-2009
Location: Greater Accra, Ghana
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