Transformations in Islamic Education in Ghana

by David Owusu-Ansah

Interview with Maulvi Wahab bin Adam

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Courtesy of David Owusu-Ansah
Creator: Owusu-Ansah, David
Adam, Maulvi Wahab bin
Biography: The Ahmadiyya Mission his been operating in the Gold Coast (Ghana) since 1921. Their role in the provision of secular education as defined by the national government dates back to the colonial time. In the interview, the head of Mission also talked about the persecution of people of this faith in Pakistan. He indicates that their commitment to tolerance is a reflection of their own history.
Description: Maulvi Wahad provided this interview to illustrate the history of the Ahmadiyya Mission in Ghana but most importantly to show the role of the Mission in the provision of secular education in the country. He also illustrated the moderating impact of the Mission on Islam in Ghana at the level that it has worked with other religions in the country.
Date: June 28, 2005
Date Range: 2000-2009
Location: Greater Accra, Ghana
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