Qadiri Community of Buh Kunta

By Maria Grosz-Ngate and Toba Diagne Haїdara

Interview with Shaykh Sidi Yakhya Kunta (Cheikh Sidi Yakhya Kounta)

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Courtesy of Maria Grosz-Ngate

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Creator: Kounta, Cheikh Sidi Yakhya
Haїdara, Toba Diagne
Biography: Shaykh Sidy Yakhya Kunta is the grandson of the first Khalif, al-Bekkaï Kunta. His mother is a daughter of the third Khalif, El Haj Mamadu Kunta. Mr. Kunta went to Koranic school and to primary school in the Saloum, then continued his education in Thies. He now works in the port of Dakar.
Description: Shaykh Sidi Yakhya Kunta discusses his background, his knowledge about Buh Kunta, his role in preparations for the annual pilgrimage, and current concerns. Interview in Wolof with French translation.
Date: January 2007
Date Range: 2000-2009
Location: Ndiassane, Thies, Senegal
Format: Audio/mp3
Language: Wolof
Rights Management: For educational use only.
Contributing Institution: Maria Grosz-Ngate and Toba Diagne Haidara; Matrix: The Center for Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences Online at Michigan State University;
Contributor: Adrien Pouille, translator
Digitizer: Maria Grosz-Ngate