Everyday Islam in Kumasi: Devout Lay Men and Women in Daily Life

by Gracia Clark

Fuseini Nahidshah

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"We are always happy together." (00:00:40 - 00:02:00)
"God has made it so easy." (00:09:36 - 00:12:40)
Creator: Nahidshah, Fuseini
Clark, Gracia
Biography: This shoemaker and designer was born in Kumasi but his family is from the North. He has been a loyal member of the street salon in Dichemso for seven years. His shop was demolished recently, so his apprentices had to leave. He still supplies customers in Accra who pay by cell phone. After school, he traveled but then decided to be self-employed and apprenticed. He has yet to marry.
Description: "People like coming here."
Date: August 15, 2009
Date Range: 2000-2009
Location: Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana
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Language: English
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Contributor: Gracia Clark
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