Banjul Muslims and the Islamic Court

By Walter Hawthorne and Bala Saho


Dowry is the wealth a woman brings to her husband as part of the marriage. The dowry is usually provided by a woman's family around the time of the marriage. The idea of a dowry is to aid the couple in beginning the new household and to aid the new husband in providing for his wife.

Bojang VS Fye: Court Transcript (1927)

Date: June 2, 1927
On June 6, 1927, Muhammad Bojang appeared before the qadi of Bathurst to enter a claim against his wife, Isatou Fye. He took oath that Isatou was "mischievous" and "uncooperative."

Hydara VS Mbacke: Court Transcript (1953)

Date: December 1, 1953
The claimant, Isatou Hydara complained that her husband Ousman Mbacke accused her of fornication and criticized her ethnic origins. She cited these are the reasons she left the marriage and household. Ousman said that he did not ask her to leave. The Qadi ordered divorce and asked the husband to pay 20 pounds and 9 shillings to the woman and also 20 shillings each mon  Show More

Njie VS Fatoumata: Court Transcript (1952)

Date: May 27, 1952
Fatoumata Sawo brought her husband Ekeri Njie to claim for her maintenance, remainder of her dowry, and money he promised to give her. The Qadi asked Ekeri to give Fatoumata the money and marriage should continue.

Njie VS Secka: Court Transcript (1954)

Date: December 19, 1954
Muhammad Njie brought his wife Rohey Secka before the Qadi of Bathurst in order to divorce her. The Qadi ordered divorce and asked the husband to pay the wife the remainder of the dowry.
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