Banjul Muslims and the Islamic Court

By Walter Hawthorne and Bala Saho

Dispute- Money

Dispute-Money is a classification term for this particular project. This term is used to identify a case where a married couple comes to court because they have a disagreement over money or physical wealth.

Badjie VS Sarr: Court Transcript (1952)

Date: March 27, 1952
Sainabou Badjie brought her husband Mansour Sarr before the Qadi claiming that he refused to sleep with her and also refused to maintain her. The Qaid advised them to reconcile.

Faal VS Darbo: Court Transcript (1927)

Date: August 16, 1927
Njagga Faal brought his wife Aminata Darbo before the Qadi of Bathurst asking for a divorce and requesting the return of or right to all the money and property he had given to her, her relatives and friends. Aminata in her defense rejected most of what Njagga claimed. The Qadi ordered divorce and asked the wife to return five pounds and 10 shillings to the husband.

Fofana VS Senghor:Court Transcript (1952)

Date: July 21, 1952
Awa Fofana brought her husband Mukhtarr Senghor before the Qadi of Bathurst and complained that her husband Mukhtarr did not cloth and maintain her well. Mukhtarr refuted Awa's claims but the Qadi ordered Mukhtarr to pay for the maintenance of the children and referred them to the Police Court.

Njie VS Fatoumata: Court Transcript (1952)

Date: May 27, 1952
Fatoumata Sawo brought her husband Ekeri Njie to claim for her maintenance, remainder of her dowry, and money he promised to give her. The Qadi asked Ekeri to give Fatoumata the money and marriage should continue.
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