Banjul Muslims and the Islamic Court

By Walter Hawthorne and Bala Saho

Child Support

Child support is a legal and/or religious requirement for a father to provide wealth to his wife or former wife so that she can provide for the needs of their children.

Fofana VS Senghor:Court Transcript (1952)

Date: July 21, 1952
Awa Fofana brought her husband Mukhtarr Senghor before the Qadi of Bathurst and complained that her husband Mukhtarr did not cloth and maintain her well. Mukhtarr refuted Awa's claims but the Qadi ordered Mukhtarr to pay for the maintenance of the children and referred them to the Police Court.

Hydara VS Mbacke: Court Transcript (1953)

Date: December 1, 1953
The claimant, Isatou Hydara complained that her husband Ousman Mbacke accused her of fornication and criticized her ethnic origins. She cited these are the reasons she left the marriage and household. Ousman said that he did not ask her to leave. The Qadi ordered divorce and asked the husband to pay 20 pounds and 9 shillings to the woman and also 20 shillings each mon  Show More
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